What’s the Best Way to Incorporate a Quilted Skirt into a Work Wardrobe?

Quilted skirts are making a massive comeback this year, and it is high time for the professional women to know how to wear them to work. The fusion of traditional and contemporary fashion trends is undeniable in this clothing piece. The patchwork of different fabric pieces and the structured style make these skirts a chic and sophisticated addition to your work wardrobe. But the question is, what is the best way to incorporate a quilted skirt into your work wardrobe?

The guide below will help you embrace this fashion trend with grace and style, without compromising your professional image.

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Choosing the Right Quilted Skirt for Work

The key to integrating a quilted skirt into your work wardrobe is to choose the right one. A skirt’s style, length, and fabric play a significant role in determining whether it’s office-appropriate. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to these factors while shopping.

Firstly, select a quilted skirt with a moderate length, ideally knee-length or just above the knee. This length is generally accepted in professional settings and is also comfortable to wear throughout the day. Secondly, opt for a skirt with a subtle quilted pattern. Steer clear from skirts with large, loud patches that might be deemed as distracting in the office.

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Moreover, choose a quilted skirt made of a high-quality fabric that adds a professional touch to the outfit. Light wool, silk, and cotton blends are good options. Avoid overly shiny or glittery fabrics. Lastly, a skirt with a well-structured shape, like A-line or pencil cut, will make you look more put together and professional.

Pairing Up Your Quilted Skirt

Having chosen the perfect quilted skirt, it’s time for you to pair it up in a way that shouts ‘professional’. The beauty of these skirts is that they can pair well with a variety of clothing pieces, allowing you to create various outfits.

For a classic, timeless look, pair your quilted skirt with a crisp white shirt or blouse. This combination will render an outfit that is both smart and fashionable. You can also go for a black or any other neutral-colored shirt.

Another outfit idea is to pair your skirt with a lightweight sweater or a turtleneck for those chilly days. To add a sophisticated touch, layer a blazer on top. Choose a blazer that complements the color of your skirt to create a cohesive look.

Accessorizing Your Quilted Skirt Outfit

Accessories can make or break an outfit. When you wear a quilted skirt to work, your accessories should complement the skirt and the overall look you are aiming for.

A simple, delicate necklace or a pair of sleek earrings can make your outfit look more polished. Choose accessories that are not too flashy or big, as they can distract from the professionalism of your outfit.

For shoes, opt for a pair of pumps or loafers that match the color of your skirt or shirt. These shoe styles are practical for work and also add a touch of elegance.

Last but not least, carry a structured handbag or a sleek laptop bag that matches your outfit. This will not only store your essentials but also enhance your professional image.

Care and Maintenance of Your Quilted Skirt

To keep your quilted skirt looking its best, you need to take care of it properly. For instance, check the care label before cleaning it. Most quilted fabrics should be dry cleaned to maintain their shape and texture.

Avoid ironing your skirt as the heat can damage the quilting. Instead, hang it up after cleaning to let any wrinkles fall out naturally. If you must remove a stubborn wrinkle, use a steamer instead of an iron.


In sum, incorporating a quilted skirt into your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right skirt, pairing, accessories, and care, you can create stylish and professional outfits that will make you stand out in the office. Whether it’s a meeting with a client or a casual day at work, a quilted skirt can be your go-to piece for a fashionable yet professional look.

Incorporating the Quilted Skirt into a Capsule Wardrobe

A quilted skirt can become a cornerstone of your work capsule wardrobe. This wardrobe capsule, aimed at simplifying your dressing process, essentially consists of a small collection of timeless, versatile pieces that you love to wear.

To create a capsule, start with your office-appropriate quilted skirt as the base of your work outfit. This can be paired with multiple tops, jackets, and accessories, simplifying your decision-making each morning. Remember, a successful capsule wardrobe is not about quantity, but about having pieces that coordinate well together.

A knee-length quilted skirt can be paired with a white blouse and a blazer for a classic, business casual look. For chilly days, you could add a lightweight sweater or turtleneck. The skirt can also be matched with a silk blouse or a cotton shirt for a more relaxed look.

A pastel-colored quilted skirt can be paired with a navy blue or black blazer for a pop of color. For a monotone look, you can pair a black quilted skirt with a black blouse and a long trench coat. Wide-leg trousers or a pencil skirt can be alternated with the quilted skirt on other days to maintain variety in your work wardrobe.

To build a capsule wardrobe with your quilted skirt, consider its pattern pieces. The quilted pattern should blend seamlessly with other items in your closet. In general, skirts with subtle, understated patterns will mix better with multiple pieces.

How to Respect the Dress Code while Wearing a Quilted Skirt

Although the quilted skirt is a trendy and stylish item, it’s necessary to respect the dress code of your workplace while incorporating it into your work outfit.

Most workplaces accept a business casual dress code, which typically includes garments like pencil skirts, sheath dresses, and wide-leg trousers. A quilted skirt can be a unique addition to this list, provided it adheres to the work decorum.

Ensure that the quilted skirt is of an acceptable length – ideally knee-length or just above the knee. Skirts with large, loud patches may not be suitable for a workplace setting. Instead, opt for skirts with a subtle pattern that won’t be considered distracting.

While styling your quilted skirt, remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple and professional. Pairing the skirt with a neat, crisp shirt or blouse will guarantee a sophisticated look. Finally, minimal accessories and sensible footwear will ensure that you do not flout the dress code.


In essence, the quilted skirt is a versatile, stylish, and trendy piece that can be an excellent addition to your work wardrobe. With careful selection, appropriate pairing, and correct maintenance, it can become a staple in your capsule wardrobe. While respecting the dress code, you can create numerous chic, professional outfits with this single pattern piece. So, the next time you plan your work outfit, don’t forget to consider the quilted skirt as a viable, fashionable option.

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